Solve the bargaining problem may wish to put the facts

when we go shopping, we all like to bargain, therefore, the shop to do business, will naturally encounter customer bargaining. Therefore, the shop to do business, the customer encountered a bargain that is inevitable. As we go out to buy things, not often with the owner of the bargain? But whether their wishful thinking is satisfactory, it depends on the angle between the owner and customer contest.

a beautiful customer riding a battery car in front of my shop stopped: "boss, there is pure milk to sell it?"

"yes, beauty, you can come in and have a look." I smile and welcome.

"how much money box?" Beauty customer ask.

I told the beauty of the customer store to sell the normal price of sixty-eight yuan. I saw a beautiful woman called her husband’s telephone consultation price, and told him my store milk prices. After the phone, she said to me: "boss, sixty-five yuan a box?"

I smiled and said: "beauty, milk is not much difference, and now the business is difficult to do ah."

"there is no difference, I very clearly, my husband is like other milk dealer delivery, I don’t know if you can supply the purchase price? But he sent the brand and your home to sell different brands." Beauty customers say.

see her say this, my heart is the bottom: "since your husband is delivered, that a box of milk in the end how much profit you know better than me. A box of high-grade milk up to 5 yuan price difference, you are now a box of milk I went to the difference of $3, my rent and staff salaries to take what to spend? If you take the kids to buy now, I can give him a piece of candy, or give a piece of money, it is face money. You look at other people’s clothing store clothes, a dress is how much profit? The purchase price of 100 yuan clothes, over several times to sell a few hundred dollars, you know that the difference is not the same? Our retail store every kind of product profit is very meager, let you such a bargain, we really can not survive the owner."

see me say the beauty took out one hundred yuan to let the customer feel shy I change. A box of milk is really only a difference of 5 yuan, I often listen to my husband said."

a lot of shop owners will not have a good face when they encounter customer bargaining, will be lost in a customer. In fact, a lot of time to talk about the facts, customers will understand. In this way, quite a real event, a simple reason, only the analysis to the customer to listen, only to make consumers aware of our retail business is not easy, resulting in meager profits. So that customers can make up their minds willingly