What is the customer base of the computer refurbished cleaning shop

for urban residents, the computer can almost be regarded as one of the most common household appliances, and college students are now almost one hand, the entire computer market is very large. But after all, electrical products, and the replacement of the speed is very fast, timely renovation and cleaning is very important, then if you open a computer refurbished cleaning shop, then the customer base in the end what?

1, student. Because many families purchase mainly to students, parents do not understand the fact that there are many students in the computer, but also a considerable part in computer application on a poor master, other knowledge, is to maintain and clean double customer resources.

2, unit. Due to the general lack of cleanliness of the unit computer, coupled with the mixed staff, many of the hardware and software problems are not willing to ask specialized technical personnel to repair, which is also a business point.

3, Internet cafe. Many people may think that Internet cafes have professional maintenance personnel, business will be difficult to develop. In fact, the impact of the computer peripheral to the image of the entire Internet cafes and grades, and the external renovation is actually a product of experience and professionalism. As long as you do the cleaning work carefully, Internet cafe owners will be very willing to give you the business to do, the Internet business volume, profit may be a little, but still a business point.

of course, these are just the main consumer groups, when there is no doubt that it is a very large market, so now open a computer is really a refurbished cleaning shop, market prospects, will make it the real investors can rely on this one opportunity and achieve the goal of becoming wealthy themselves!