Need to have entrepreneurial consciousness and mind the whole

The consciousness of

determines the form, and consciousness is crucial in doing anything, and a good mind often makes people more active in doing anything. In the initial stage of individual entrepreneurship, we must have the consciousness of group do group, the group do group, is a leading venture to find some like-minded people together to start the development of cooperation, and should be clear and non controversial interest distribution.

in the overall framework of the deployment of

of course, the team both have several partners, shares can do you mean, but in a unified planning must establish a leader, otherwise it is easy to go wrong, is a waste of resources by each is not an overall framework for the deployment, integration, each person’s execution if there is no centralized in one direction, it is a waste, especially when they form a resolution, we must ensure that all the resources and strength, to advance a definite direction. If in the form a resolution, not a leader in unified planning constraints if each thought and action direction, then it is easy to new ideas will you continue to deny the old idea of the original, the new direction of action will continue to replace the original direction, will soon lead to huge internal friction and contradiction.

as soon as possible to clear responsibilities and rights