2014 rural entrepreneurship projects

2014 what are the rural entrepreneurship projects? What do farmers want to do when they become rich? What do farmers do? The knowledge level of the new era, with business vision, many people give up home business the chance to work in the city, it is not only simple farming rural entrepreneurs, there are a lot of nice little of this rich project, let the farmers get rich quick, the following Xiaobian to recommend the most suitable for new rural prosperity project!

2014 Rural Entrepreneurship Project: green food

2014 rural entrepreneurship good project: waste plastics recycling

: just unfolding processed waste plastic particles, still has good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the blown film, drawing, drawing, injection molding, extrusion and other technical requirements, widely used in the production of plastic products. The establishment of recycled plastic granules factory, the size of the investment can be both from a production line to start, but also at the same time the purchase of multiple sets of equipment scale production. 1) to a production line for example, plant 30 square meters, for water and electricity, yard 30 square meters; 2) a production line only 2-4 workers; 3) construction period is only 5-7 days; 4) a production flow of funds should not be less than 5000 yuan, the scale of appropriate to increase the production flow of funds.

2014 entrepreneurial projects in rural areas: the elderly restaurant

the old food should be low cholesterol, low sugar, low salt, low in calories and has certain therapeutic effect of nourishing and. Now the restaurant dishes although many varieties, but really suitable for the elderly are few, so a special offer and it is easy to digest tonic, preventive and curative effect of the elderly food restaurant, will be welcomed…… Investment evaluation: kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, tables and chairs, tableware equipment costs about 6000 yuan, store rent to be $1500, raw materials and other costs of about $2000, the legal formalities for 300 yuan, other costs of $1000. Revenue accounting: restaurants should be based on the principle of small profits but quick turnover, such as better operating conditions, when the monthly profit of more than 4500 yuan.

2014 Rural Entrepreneurship Project: the elderly health care products