t’s better to see cleaners in these places

dry cleaning service industry is becoming more and more hot, we all want to make a clean dry cleaners, if you intend to open a dry cleaning shop, you must be more difficult in the siting. The ideal dry cleaning shop address should be the following places, let us look at.

1, corner location: the corner is located at the intersection of two streets, can produce a "corner effect", is often a very ideal dry cleaning shop address.

2, the fork in the road: this kind of position to open the dry cleaners, because look very conspicuous, but from different angles, in this position the dry cleaners should try to play to their strengths, should be carefully designed in the dry cleaners positive at the entrance of the decoration, shop signs, advertising signs, show window, the past the guests are attracted.

3, traffic convenient location for thousands of households: dry cleaning services, for the convenience of customers from all sides, to choose a convenient traffic address is crucial, should also pay attention to whether there is a nearby parking lot, especially large and medium-sized stores dry cleaning equipment, operating a wide range, once the well-known, the guests come from all sides, therefore, the choice of traffic convenient location is extremely important, this is an important factor to ensure the smooth operation.


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