Zhuge fish investment details ask

in many fish franchise brand is the number of Zhuge fish by investors mentioned most, because Zhuge fish join question too much, don’t make a detailed answer, so Xiaobian pick out the most common for everyone listed, hope for the franchisee to help.

1, how to join

company was founded in 2004, currently has 3 outlets, franchises, a total of nearly 600 stores, there are four main product series, fish series, special dry pot series, fine series of Sichuan, fish feast series, a total of 100 kinds of dishes, the company is mainly to fish, dry the pot for main features, auxiliary Sichuan, fish feast. Jiamengfei is charged according to administrative divisions, there are 6 levels of the county is 38800 yuan, 41800 county-level city, 44800 cities, 51800 municipalities, the provincial capital is based on the size of stores to joining fees, store is more than 300 square, a square is 170 yuan so, the lowest capital fee is 51000 yuan, municipalities directly under the central government store requirements are more than 350 square, a square is 160 yuan, so the lowest fee municipality is 56000 yuan, more than part by 160 yuan a square to calculate.

2, how to teach technology after joining

(1), franchisees can assign 1-2 trainees to the company to receive training, training period is generally about 7-15 days.

(2), the company can also cook to join the store to expatriate resident guidance, guidance during the franchisee can specify the participants with the company’s chef during the study, to join the store guide fish dry pot chef salary of 2100 a month, professional Sichuan chef is a 2700 month round-trip travel expenses, room and board are borne by the franchisee. Travel expenses to train hard to perform standard. Chefs can support long-term or short-term support.

Zhuge fish

3, open a shop needs much investment

with 100 square meters of the store as an example, counties, county-level cities in the total investment of 10-18 million (including initial rent, franchise fees, liquidity, decoration costs, equipment costs, etc.) to the capital city, municipality directly under the central government as an example, a total investment of 300 square meters of shops in 200 thousand between -50 million. (including initial rent, franchise fees, liquidity, decoration costs, equipment costs, etc.). Of course, this also depends on the local situation.

4, join fee includes what

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