Restaurant location should pay attention to what

shop always want to solve the location problem, but a lot of people are not skilled to choose the right location. Some people want to open restaurants, so before opening, to find a suitable location, the location of the restaurant to pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at it.

first, for the target consumer group

restaurant’s target consumer group is young people, children and family members. So in the layout, one is to choose a crowded place, such as in Heping Road, Nanjing Road, TianJin Railway Station and other transportation hubs around the point; two is frequented by young people and children in the local distribution, such as in Tianjin park near the point, convenient to the children’s dining in Xin’an; wide field set up shop in shop, to attract young people dining shopping malls.

two, focus on today and tomorrow

restaurant outlets a major principle is a certain 5 or 10 years unchanged. Therefore, the opening of each point or not, through a week to 3 weeks of investigation, and then make a decision assessment. Focus on whether it is consistent with the development of urban planning, whether there will be municipal relocation and relocation of the surrounding population, whether it will enter the red line of urban planning. Enter the red line, determined not to touch; aging values, determined not to set up. There are promising business street and shopping district, the new school district, residential areas, is to consider the distribution area. Pure residential areas are not set up, because the pure residential area residents’ consumption time is limited.

three, pay attention to eye-catching

restaurant layout are on the first floor of the shop, through the glass window, let passers-by perception restaurants catering culture atmosphere, reflect its business purpose, convenient and safe, value for money. Due to the eye-catching layout, easy to find customers, but also attractive.

four, not anxious

gold lots gold mouth, the owners often ask a very high price. When the price is more than the psychological price of investment, the restaurant is not anxious, but the development of other places of distribution. Through the success of other outlets, so that the high price of the property owners feel that the introduction of the restaurant, help to improve their value, then talk about the price, re distribution.

five, the advantages of interactive

restaurant opened shop in the shop to choose the owner, many of the brand reputation is higher, such as new security Plaza, Tianjin Plaza, etc.. Famous department store to bring food and beverage outlets, restaurants and attract young people to shop, play a complementary role.

six, division of trade – with data speak

restaurant plans to enter a city, the first pass >