Service means to all characteristics

today’s shops are very focused on service, quality of service, will be able to directly affect the customer’s impression of the store, affecting the operation of the latter store. After all, the success of attracting customers into the store, this is only the first step in business. In order to let the customer into the store must be comfortable shopping, innovative services, let the customer into the store from the store experience within a short time to you out of the ordinary, let the customer feel "right" and "value" and "next to".

2008, Xia Qi in Changde, Wuling Avenue opened a smoke Hotel, and put a few stools in the shop for customers to rest. This is not a little bit of the store was a little bit of a "careless move", but to the boss of the summer business has brought unexpected help. His shop at the bus station, a lot of people waiting for the bus, as long as into the store, or buy buy less, even what also don’t buy, can sit down and rest, for a long time, many have become a perennial summer boss friends on this bus commuters, something all right to the shop to sit, are also introduced over many of my colleagues and friends for him.

last year, a heavy rain, a girl in the shop around by experience goods, I knew she was in the rain, but I did not point out, also sit on the stool to greet her, and chat with her. Since then, she has become a frequent visitor to my shop, the New Year holiday to me to buy cigarettes, wine, beverages, a buy is a few hundred dollars." Speaking of his secret, the boss in the summer with pride.

on a rainy day in March this year, a cigarette and liquor vendor in Changde purple Ling Road on the west side of the boss Wang Heping is a calculation of inventory, not an umbrella of young people rushed to ask: "hard" Baisha "?"

‘hard’ White Sands’ just sold out yet, do you want to try something else?" The boss answered and handed him a dry towel."

young man did not pick up the towel, turned to go out. Boss Wang asked, pointing to the door frame and said: "take an umbrella to go out!" See the young man hesitated, the boss smiled and explained: it does not matter, it is designed to facilitate the preparation of everyone, you used to get over it." The young man picked up an umbrella and then turned back from the door!" Since then, the boy became a frequent visitor to their home, sometimes a detour over to buy a pack of cigarettes, and the boss talk a few words.

if you do not enter the store, which may be no way for the owner, however, once the customer into the store, as the owner, naturally need to hold. All said, "a back, two back, old customers are also developing over slowly from new customers, as long as with" after the guests into the store is my fault, but also to the guests out is no longer my fault "thought, summarizes the experience and adjustment measures >