Wedding emcee entrepreneurship is not simple

a lively or warm wedding, the bride and groom is the protagonist, the master of ceremonies is an indispensable role. They hold the wedding rhythm, is the commander in chief well. To maintain the sacred moment of the solemn, so that the emotional aspects of the more emotional, in the time of relaxation to create humor, bring the audience joy.

More and more wedding

New Personalized   preference; MC to safe movement

28 year old Chen Fengyuan is a grass-roots singer, because the gift of the gab, encouraged by friends involved in the wedding presided over, did not think this is really quite suitable for him to live. He admitted that the original is a good look at this line of income, did not find it easy to do.

"do wedding knows." Chen Feng said that each emcee must have their own characteristics, and with the new personality, to create a perfect wedding.

For the couple to create a romantic