Shijiazhuang innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

entrepreneurial era, fought in the entrepreneurial market has not only after 80, more and more college graduates 90 entrepreneurs have been into the community, not afraid of difficulties and fear of dangers, they began to dream trip.

2015 in October 13th, to further support the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, Shijiazhuang University Of Economics, Huaxin Institute and wheat commune signed a cooperation agreement to build students’ innovation and entrepreneurship center in the conference room of Shijiazhuang University Of Economics Huaxin institute. The two sides will work together to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship courses, providing innovative entrepreneurial practice opportunities, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship education, in order to reduce the cost and risk management and entrepreneurship, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, help college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

"as a deeply rooted campus startups, college students know more about wheat commune in the entrepreneurial process will face the difficulties and obstruction, therefore they are more eager to own and friends accumulated in the process of success and failure experience, resources and opportunities to young students, help them a helping hand." wheat, Song Jian commune