How to open a male jewelry store

if you think the jewelry market is only for men, then you are wrong. In the current era, men’s jewelry also has a very large market demand, the development of space is very broad. However, even if the heart of entrepreneurship, for countless entrepreneurs do not know how to do. So, how to open a male jewelry store?

according to the survey, from 18 to 35 years of age among young people is the biggest buyers of today’s male ornaments, new change jewelry is preferred, male jewelry market as a new field for jewelry manufacturers in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places are aware, copper, silver jewelry sold in some fashion street the most from there.

high-end men’s jewelry market for the United States, Denmark, France, etc., from the current situation, the men’s jewelry has just started, a lot of room for development. In the eyes of many businessmen gathered in female jewelry, why not to the male jewelry market waving a few hoes, perhaps there are a lot of harvest!

store location

men’s jewelry store is the best location in the jewelry store concentrated street or downtown business district, clothing monopoly concentrated area. Store layout should be stylish, not too luxurious, but requires elegant and generous, with a unique cultural implication of men’s jewelry, in order to achieve the characteristics of men’s jewelry and heritage. Business content

is the man’s unique and beautiful decorative supplies, personality and temperament such as rings, necklaces, brooches, tie clips, sleeves, belts, watches, pens, lighters, cigarette case, cigarette holder, arm hoop, suit sling, wallet, buttons, bracelets, bracelets, anklets and so on. In addition, the counter, optional rack can be set in all kinds of goods: straight suit, handsome windbreaker, shiny leather shoes, waist fashion, luxurious tie, perfume, health care products.

business strategy

track the trend of men’s jewelry and try to figure out the psychological aspects of men’s jewelry in the consumer, when men choose jewelry boot at any time. For example: business men prefer gold jewelry, they carry the ring is wide and large, but also engraved with his name, in the business contract, engraved with the name of the ring as a seal.

store features must be bright. Female clerk that sincere smile, gentle expression, appreciation of the eyes, the appropriate support…… Is a kind of intangible assets. The conditional store can be set to a leisure bar, placed on the books of man and fashion magazines, street tired, can sit down and rest, drink, read magazines.

focus on public relations promotion, can be considered to hold: "men’s best clothing Award", "men’s style contest", "all male model fashion show"