Breast fibroma may not be across the board health network

a lot of women will find their breasts after the examination of a nodule".

resection of fibroma or affect lactation function

does not cause breast cancer

a lot of clinical surgery on women in droves, in addition to the disease does not understand, by misleading advertising, also for "knife for peace" mentality.

nulliparous female

"the vast majority of fibrous tumor is benign and malignant probability is very low, less than 1%." Vice president, director of the cancer center of Guangdong General Hospital professor Wu Yilong said, some medical advertising digital "terrible malignant fibrous tumor". Fibroma in fact, only more than 2 cm diameter fibroma have malignant potential, needs to be removed.

"we do not advocate that all of the tumors are ‘all the way’, because the removal of the surgery may damage the mammary ducts, leading to a decline in lactation, particularly in women who are not fertile, and are not conducive to future lactation." Provincial People’s Hospital Cancer Center, Liao Ning, deputy director of the Department of medicine, said the doctor, often mistaken for patients with cancer and other benign breast disease, the probability of breast cancer is very large, serious psychological burden on the back.

"fibroma and breast hyperplasia are slightly different." Wu Yilong said that breast hyperplasia is diffuse, touch the breast skin can feel in some places seem a little secret, in some places a little loose, and even small nodules. Fibroma is also shown as a small nodule in the skin, usually multiple, but the boundary is clear.

also called fibroadenoma of breast fibroma, first for young female breast benign tumor, the age of about 20~25 years old. Guangzhou, a provincial institutions in the recent physical examination, there are more than 90% of women were detected in the breast subcutaneous nodules, suspected fibroma. Wu Yilong said, fibroma and female mental stress, hormone secretion is not normal and so on.

experts pointed out that this kind of breast fibroma "cut" may not be better than stay. Reporter recently learned from the net to prevent breast cancer "Pink Ribbon" campaign, fibroma operation propaganda is currently part of medical institutions to advocate "long tumor will cut, exaggerated, misleading patients suspected. In fact, the tumor diameter of 2 cm and painless patients without resection, or may be counterproductive.

70% non proliferative lesions

and proliferative lesions, including moderate or highly proliferative, papillary tumor with fibrous core, lobular or ductal atypical hyperplasia, the relative risk of breast cancer will be higher, with small

breast hyperplasia is not equal to the occurrence of breast cancer malignant transformation. She said, at present, the risk of commonly used non proliferative and proliferative lesion to distinguish benign lesions, fibroadenoma belongs to the former. In addition, non proliferative lesions include mastitis, mild hyperplasia, small or large, cystic duct dilatation, fibrosis. Statistics show that 70% of non proliferative lesions do not increase the incidence of breast cancer.