How to focus on the success of entrepreneurship can do big things

most of the time, we are not entrepreneurial enthusiasm, do not want to succeed, but you always have a lot of things distract us. You can not underestimate these things make you distracted, but they cause you arch-criminal failure. If you waste your energy on everything, you’ll end up doing nothing.

1. control the environment

Not clever and

coffee to write a list of tasks, the list of things to complete, reasonable to judge their own ability, do not eat breakfast on the computer.

2. find the "

" that really excites you

find you really interested in things. What do you want your life to change? Or the impact on the lives of others? Entrepreneur Mark? Cuban in the "12 rules of entrepreneurship," said in a Book: "if one thing is not what you love, so you are fascinated, then do not venture."

3. find things like to start

will be written out of the creative solutions, your apartment, to communicate with others. Don’t be afraid to steal your ideas. You really do the best you can. Don’t dwell on how to find an investor.

4. don’t care too much about other people’s ideas