Store temperature will be popular

even in the same street, different operating shops will show a different operating conditions, especially some of the New District, the store’s popularity is often very inadequate. I live in a newly developed area, in addition to residents here, there are many migrant workers.

a night walk, the district downstairs a canteen attracted the attention of the author: a simple and clean shop in front of a TV is playing a program, many people sit together to see with relish.

at first I think this is just an accidental phenomenon, but in addition to wind and rain, for a long time, every time I walk through here, will always find this "open-air cinema".

migrant workers is not easy, they do not have fun after work. Put a TV set at the door, play some programs, they can have a place to relax, I can not bother to gather more popular." Turning to the reasons for the establishment of open-air cinema, the owner said with a smile.

in my opinion, how to run a shop, the shopkeeper did a very correct demonstration: let the shop, there is temperature".

said here, "temperature", first of all, the consumer experience of the human attention and highlight.

even if the electricity supplier has a wide range of goods and convenient services, physical shop face to face the consumer experience is difficult to be digested. This advantage is derived from the "human touch" – a cordial greeting when entering the door, careful guidance when buying, and even when the discount and concessions, etc.. It draws closer to the emotional distance between me and each other, to avoid the cold relationship between buyers and sellers, should run through all aspects of store services. Only for migrant workers to provide leisure and entertainment venues, the author of this shop downstairs humanistic care spirit worthy of appreciation. There are people in order to have financial resources, this proverb is still a motto for today’s physical store.

apart from the human, to shop "temperature", should also move up physical stores in the daily operation".

there are many shopkeepers sit shop business errors that customers demand will always come home shopping. And now, consumers have a variety of consumer channels can choose, sit shop this extensive business model has become increasingly outdated. Entity shop moving up, it is necessary to take the initiative to change the business ideas, take the initiative to upgrade the service, take the initiative to find customers, establish their own shops different from the characteristics of the other.

, such as community shops can be more prominent door-to-door convenience services, canteen can become the Internet brand experience and distribution channels and so on the line. As the author of this shop downstairs, ingenuity to use the open-air theater mode, effectively gathered the potential consumer groups.

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