The land of abundance the world’s top 500 enterprises including 271

Sichuan since ancient times, "the land of abundance", structure of the basin, and many historical reasons, the city unique charm. 500 companies, there are 271 settled in Chengdu.

5 month 19 days, "Chengdu " Chengdu ou +" (Shenzhen) investment cooperation forum" held in Shenzhen, attracting more than and 70 well-known enterprises in Pearl River Delta region represented participants. After just one week, then the fruits of promotion activities around the "Rong European +" investment: May 25th, Chengdu port and logistics office and DHL Global Forwarding (Chinese) Ltd. signed a contract to jointly build Chengdu freight hub.

to multi theme, high-frequency investment promotion activities, driven by a large number of projects landing, thereby achieving stable economic growth.

data show that 1-4 months, the Chengdu municipal government leaders in Chengdu met with visiting executives 57 times, led the team to carry out investment activities in 14 batches, each district team went abroad to carry out investment activities 433 times. Chengdu leaders at all levels to take the initiative to invest more efforts. To promote investment activities, is another typical practice in Chengdu.

in May as an example: 18, the country has an important influence on the science and technology financial event — the fifth China (Western) high-tech industry and financial capital docking will promote held in Chengdu; 19, Chinese car Venture Investment Summit, Chengdu 8 major projects focused on signing the agreement, the total amount of 18 billion 180 million yuan……

in addition to the leadership personally led merchants, Chengdu is also the policy guidance to do enough articles. As of now, Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission has been focusing on electronic information, bio pharmaceutical, automobile, precision machinery and intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent home appliances, new materials, aerospace industry and 7 of Germany, France, South Korea three national parks and central enterprises launched the "Rong Europe +" 12 action plan.


Chengdu in the first 4 months to attract investment of $103 billion 547 million

North Beijing, South Guangzhou…… This is not a tourist route map, but this year, 1-4 months, Chengdu Wuhou District, the district government’s investment roadmap. 4 months, they went to 11 cities, visited the 23 companies. May 18th, Chengdu, Pixian (Pearl River Delta) industrial investment promotion and investment projects signing ceremony held in Shenzhen in 2016.

attracted a number of well-known enterprises involved in the Pearl River Delta, including HUAWEI technology, such as the creation of science and technology. Pixian county magistrate Yang Dongsheng when the scene as a salesman to attract 9 companies, with the signing of the contract on the spot in Pixian, plans a total investment of 5 billion 310 million yuan, covering the field of electronic information, biotechnology, food and beverage industries. < recommended