Discount stores in 2014 hot business

there is no consumer will reject the high discount merchandise, so in 2014, the discount store is undoubtedly an investment business opportunities. So how to do can easily grasp the discount store to join the profit idea?

1, the goods must go to the warehouse, the board room to see the goods is not reliable, plainly, board room does not necessarily represent the goods in the warehouse goods.

2, depending on the quality of the goods in the warehouse (such as leather, brand) is consistent with the board room, it is best to buy a few shoes back on the spot, this is very important.

3, domestic sales, export are different: from style to size, export shoes is difficult to adapt to the domestic market, which is very clear pedestrian. Such as Russian style shoes, high heel and small size is not large, and domestic; and as the Southeast Asia style shoes, uppers decorated with jewelry is very complicated, wholesale clothing, the domestic market is not acceptable, delicacy health, as in the Miao Ying bamboo goose. This point is very professional, lay people are keen on the "shoes" of the head, a women’s clothing store, in fact do discount shoes can only find suitable Chinese domestic export shoes, shoes look very beautiful, has become the hottest potato sales back. So investors must look at the operation of the headquarters of the goods is not suitable for domestic sales.

1, look at the price / discount the price of shoes is very advantageous, but the operating company said the price was outrageous, it can not be trusted, because it will not have a free lunch.

2, investors to discount shoes operating headquarters visits, we should pay attention to see if each pair of shoes are marked price, is not leather. But also depends on the price of his board room, the price of the warehouse, the price of the three online is not uniform.

3, when you look at the operation of the company’s online price, whether the leather, the number of goods and whether the price tag. If he doesn’t let you look at the price on the Internet, and even the shoes in the house are not clearly marked price, then no matter what he explained to all