Familiar with Cuanhuo incentives to solve the problem in the procurement

Cuanhuo has induced by many factors, only know these factors, can better solve the problem. It is necessary to correctly diagnose the problem and propose a reasonable solution. Don’t let yourself fall into a dilemma, familiar with Cuanhuo incentives, to better understand the development of the market.

Cuanhuo four causes

1. customer relationship. The relationship between large customers and dealers, iron, even if the business extends to other regions, will still take care of the old dealer business.

2. rebate. Bulk procurement kickbacks are always difficult to avoid, to purchase, on the rebate would have scruples and new distributors, they love the old dealer shumenshulu.

3. bulk discount. Some dealers will give old customers a discount, in order to get a higher cumulative discount, the customer is not willing to change suppliers.

4. cost factors. Centralized procurement of chain customers are usually based on the "nearest" principle, improve efficiency, but because most of the division of the region based on administrative divisions, or because the customer is located at the junction, resulting in cross regional procurement.

find incentives to classify problems, so as to quell the anger of customers. Customer purchasing across different incentives, it is not the same frequency, the range of goods is not the same. Correctly deal with the problem, reasonable division of the region, to solve the internal problems.