A market survey should be done before opening a baby store

infant market there is a lot of business opportunities, so many entrepreneurs want to open a baby store. It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the market before setting up shop. So baby shop how to do market research? Shop before doing some market research, after the opening will be a lot less trouble!

A survey on the consumption structure of


data base 2500, less than this number, belong to the middle and low consumption, higher than this number is in the high-end consumer. Middle and low consumption places, the store can only sell the most practical products, such as clothing, shoes, hats, daily necessities, domestic milk powder. Higher than this number, is a high-end consumer, some can buy goods can not buy, because consumption has reached this level.

two, the competitive environment survey:


three, the geographical position survey:

1, the selected store radiation circle is what kind of occupants? (office workers, business people, migrant workers)

2, baby shop how to do market research? To investigate what is the nature of the store around the store?

3, about the probability of transfer is not high, if high that is why? < >