How mang can join dessert

healthy and delicious desserts to join the project choice, the best choice is the entrepreneur’s business with a small capital. How about the dessert? High quality delicious, loved by consumers. Can join the project, you are still hesitant what?

mans dessert can advocate the management style of natural health food, mango, supplemented by other fruits, both healthy and of Hong Kong style. Awn dessert is a high-quality franchise brand, less investment, make money fast.


Nanjing mans Catering Management Company Limited in November 16, 2008 in Nanjing, Butler Bridge No. 55 established the first store is the company operating a variety of Hong Kong Style desserts, Fresh Juice the essence of Hongkong can mount the famous dessert dessert, with superior materials, processing fine, delicate taste, unique, avant-garde decoration specification for service concept, to build a franchise with its own characteristics, fruit juice, dessert first well-known brands.

join fee

single join (40-70 m)

standard shop

investment costs: join the gold (70 thousand yuan), contract margin ($20 thousand), store management fees: 2000 yuan / month

shop decoration: the company will entrust professional designers to provide decoration design, the company commissioned a professional engineering decoration. Front width not less than 5M, shop decoration fee (1500-2000 yuan / square), according to the actual amount of decoration team offer

investment budget: the establishment of a mans dessert can join the total investment of about 30-40 yuan.

profit margins: the overall gross profit margin of around 60%, the city and the lot will have differential costs.