Beijing Zhongshan Park spring scenery and lush

has been to Beijing Tiananmen friends all know that there is a Zhongshan Park in the vicinity of the Tiananmen, the Tiananmen and only separated by a wall, to bring more people to the beautiful scenery. And the Imperial Palace is only separated by a wall, covers an area of 230 thousand square meters of Zhongshan Park, is the first public garden in Beijing. From 1914 began to open to the public, and now has more than and 100 years.

at first, the park was called Central Park, only a part of the middle of the day. In 1925, Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s coffin had parked in the park to commemorate the worship hall, sir, when he was mayor of Beijing especially he Qigong patriots such as Central Park was renamed Zhongshan Park, at the same time, Xi Liting, defend the peace square and Song Daishi lion moved to the park, but also to create a pine cross emerald Pavilion, Maxim Pavilion landscape.

Sun Zhongshan statue in Zhongshan Park

in 1937, the Japanese occupation of Peiping, changed to Beiping Park, after October and changed to Central Park. In 1945, the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, and restored the name of Zhongshan Park, still in use.

here for hundreds of years, constantly after Tim dressing, renamed, not only changed the big move is the most ancient and modern garden awe – shejitan.

is the two generation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties altar, sacrifice, only saints altar, according to the rites of the Zhou Dynasty "Kao Gong Ji" "Zuo Zuyou club" provisions of the position in the palace on the right side of the west, i.e..

to open the park before thousands of years, every spring, the emperor went to here, two important gods worship in ancient mythology, the God of the land China "society" and "five Ceres millet". Until the fall of 1911, the last time.

in Zhongshan Park, people can not only see a lot about the history of the Republic of China, it is worth the people. The soil is to attract people’s attention. The tourists strolling in the laughter, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, this is the most correct way to open the spring. The weather is so good, come and Beijing Zhongshan Park to a graceful dating ~

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