Food and beverage stores want to improve the performance of service is necessary

food and beverage industry to join the fierce competition, the restaurant opened a number of homes, and some business is booming, but there are some courses, but why business is different, the reason is not the same business strategy. So how can we quickly improve the performance of the restaurant franchise?

now is the catering industry chain, brand management, to seize the hearts of consumers, in addition to relying on the attractive delicacy, more important is the waiter, tourist catering Yisifumu, how to let the guests and the public have a good impression of the restaurant, and keep the good impression, is related to the the key to the management of food, because the advertising effect can not be ignored, but the "word of mouth" is very important for food and beverage management, we must attach great importance to "word-of-mouth" power in the process of catering management.