Osteopathic experts need to how much money

when we were young and many good TV, for example, what tricky expert agent provocateur, but now what good TV is not every day that a few plastic face in the entertainment circle. Of course, today we are not to Tucao what, no need to destroy what their feelings, we just to draw out our today’s food and beverage leading osteopathic experts.

first introduced the traditional osteopathic expert delicacy snacks, break through the traditional bone products technology, innovative and unique formula, put the ribs into pieces marinated with special tick up secret materials, then placed in constant temperature steaming pot to be cooked meat bone after specially baked process. So, with bright color, crisp bone, entrance meat tender, the aftertaste is long! – experts turned out to inject new vitality into the world delicacy.

osteopathic experts need to how much money?

pioneered the new concept of osteopathic expert catering Street delicacy, the crazy diners, experts store everywhere crazy – buy scene. A delicious osteopathic conquer diners, street lining up to buy, love does not release the mouth to eat more. At the same time, the investment field is also booming, just 2 years, osteopathic experts shop has been all over the city in more than and 100, created a single store profit of over 2000 yuan, over 1200 yuan takeaway records, for the majority of partners to create wealth myth.

osteopathic experts need how many money? A different business model, franchise costs are not the same. Osteopathic experts franchise type are the following:

three stores osteopathic experts, business shop, standard stores, flagship store, different investment costs, and profit of arbitrary choice,



join fee: 19800 yuan

advantage analysis: site selection, self catering, classic product line, subversion of tradition, to meet the market trend.

shopping district selection: Snack Street, food plaza, community centers, small and medium-sized shopping malls, etc..

standard store

join fee: 29800 yuan

advantage analysis: hot product optimization and upgrading, combined with more popular, easy to double turnover.

values: Food City, commercial street, shopping malls.

flagship store

join fee: 39800 yuan