Entrepreneurs to share their own experience to open a barbecue shop

How can

hot summer less delicious barbecue and cool beer, in fact, barbecue business is not very difficult to do well, to share a personal experience, at first, open grill just for fun, think barbecue is a very interesting thing, unexpectedly became my career. I opened a 50M barbecue shop, business is good, the daily turnover of around 800! Should be more successful! See some friends want to open their own shop, do not know how to proceed, then I will share some of my experience to share with you.

how to open a barbecue shop? Talk about the choice of shops, I personally think that universities, white-collar workers, central station, these places are not ideal, the first is the rent is too high, we like this start-up bug, can not afford. Followed by relatively tight housing, it is difficult to find! In fact, the most ideal place is actually the residential area of the periphery, more houses and prices are low, small insects can accept!

again is the size of stores, 40M Yishiyiting more suitable for the fledgling worms, remember that in addition to business place should have about 15M, there must be a pile of debris and put a bed position, this is a very important point! There are a lot of sundries in the barbecue shop. You can have a rest when you are tired.

is optimistic about the house and the landlord signed an agreement, if the good will sign a few years, because I only signed a 6 month contract to let the landlord the price of the opportunity, suggested signed an agreement of 2 years, 6 months to pay the money, the landlord will generally agree, there is note water, electricity, gas charges are in arrears, winter heating costs there are still problems in northern.

next is the decoration of the facade, the table and chair with the most simple, but the chair must have a back, it is important to remember oh! Conditional on the wall in front of the main entrance to install the TV, usually you can see, you can also put some people, such as the game to the guests to see! How to open a barbecue shop? Around the walls can be decorated with some of the simulation of vegetables, such as red pepper, green cucumber, had added some atmosphere!

kitchen things I will not say, focus on skewers stove practices, to set the width according to the operation on the size of the stove, I shop business is 1 yuan on the 3, so the width of 7 cm, 160 cm long, 2 people can also roast, height is 30 cm and more conspicuous, inoffensiveness, furnace 8 cm deep, I think this is the most standard, on the color of black baked too deep, too shallow and easy to burn. Of course, also set aside 40 cm long, width of 20 cm place for chicken or seafood.

in addition to the above said, there is also the last point is also very important, want to successfully run a barbecue shop, need to experience a lot of recommendations