What are the business of the smoke shop open

due to cigarette market importance in Chinese, leading to many people set up shop will choose to open a store. However, the market is more related to the shop, the competition will naturally fierce, business progress has more difficulties. In fact, if you want to successy open a store, also have a lot of skills at all. So, what are the business of the smoke shop open?


straight to the point, my business is a word, called "open and on the smoke shop popularity, sale by VIP provided."

my small shops open in the vicinity of residential areas, to buy my cigarettes basically are nearby residents, everyone became friends in the course of contacts. We have this piece of the smoke a lot, when you first opened, home sales in general, so I wonder, how to increase sales? Through observation, I found that many come here to buy cigarettes are familiar, I’ll take the initiative and they chat, chatted, slowly and familiar, they are fixed in my cigarettes sales will go up.

I also summed up two words: the customer came in the door, "what do you need?" As a customer you take care." Simple words can make people sweet in my heart, the next time the possibility of a large! So gather popularity, how can we not prosper?

The oral

genuine goods at a fair price

wine is not afraid of deep alley. I dare paizhexiongfu guarantee to find a pack of cigarettes in my shop! One is not careful with cigarettes, once discovered immediately under the cabinet. Because buyers and sellers is an important word of mouth, to win a good reputation is a good way to operate.

I also have a shop near

beach boutique shops and grocery store, not modesty, is my biggest selling. Because a lot of old customers know, in my store to buy cigarettes is the most secure quality. A mass ten, ten hundred, my reputation will naturally improve.

some customers buy a certain brand of cigarettes when he asked me when I was a little cheaper, declined after, he once said to me in what place with lower price than I bought this kind of smoke, I was one, have a number of mind: if this is the proper channels into the smoke, and to the customer said the price to sell, then sell tobacco retail clients not only profitable, but also lost a bit, so it will not be a pack of cigarettes into the formal channels! The tobacco industry in our country, is the implementation of the monopoly sales in many places, unified retail price, if our retail customers to lower prices, not only will cause confusion in the market, malicious competition, more important is to make a "fake private non" cigarettes have a chance.

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