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"after the development of the two breasts of women do have differences, generally more than the right side of the left side, but it is difficult to distinguish between visual, only through careful measurement can be found. So it’s not sick." Professor Su Fengxi said. The size of the left and right breast size of the phenomenon of fertility and sexual function is not affected, there is no harm to health.

common adolescent female breast left large and right small

congenital nipple depression or affect sexual desire

, a lot of people in young girls, about the speed of breast development, which is normal, to mature, the size of the two breasts will be the same. However, after the adults, if both sides of the breast size difference is very poor, you should go to the hospital examination." Su said. "It is worth noting that, due to improper feeding habits side breast ptosis caused by asymmetric breasts except."

In addition,

"doctor, my breast side than on the other side was much larger, will not be ill?" "the original small breast left large and right is almost every female phenomenon;" doctor, I two normal breast above were up two small breast milk secretion, is harmful to the body? "

"Furu has little effect, but mamma accessoria may develop into cancer……" Experts pointed out: female breast dysplasia mainly has the following four types: a small, nipple, breast disease, accompanied by two. Under normal circumstances does not affect health, do not worry too much, but if there is an abnormal performance, you need to check the hospital as soon as possible."

clinical also found that there is no girl child nipple nipple, which also belongs to abnormal breast development." Su Fengxi said. The nipple has great harm to breast: breast health effects of aerobics. As a result of nipple sag, lactation nipple often to be forcibly pulled out, easy to damage, rupture and bleeding, >

is a young woman of breast can be caused by a variety of reasons, there are physiological, pathological; there is temporary, there are permanent. If it is purely physiological, with the development of mature, both sides of the breast will gradually tend to symmetry, women do not have to worry about this, but do not have to use surgical intervention, need to do is just wait patiently.

can also use the right hand to press the left side of the breast, or the left hand pressure on the right side of the breast, clockwise massage 3 times a day, each time under 30, can also play a role in increasing the breast." Su Fengxi introduction.

side breast tall, while the other side is flat and flat as a male breast? Many adolescent girls accompanied by her mother to shy to consult a doctor, in fact they do not know, on both sides of the breast every female can not be the same size, but if there is a visually significant size difference is breast dysplasia category, need to consult a doctor.

"if the girls are afraid to appearance, then strengthen the pectoral muscle exercises to be corrected. Usually consciously by hand, holding a weight can not only strong muscle, increase breast, and use of arms, can promote breast development, make you more intelligent.