Hefei nternet four projects into the first national demonstration project the whole

the rapid development of Anhui, in the past few years to reflect, whether it is the provincial capital of Hefei or other cities, they are together to witness the progress of Anhui. The day before, the National Energy Bureau announced the first batch of "Internet plus" smart energy (energy Internet) the results of demonstration projects, a total of 56 projects have been listed as the first batch of demonstration projects, including the province approved 4.

assessed by the national energy administration examination and determination, I Hefei Xinzhan comprehensive energy management of the high tech area Internet plus "smart energy demonstration project, Wuwei Gaogou cable smart micro grid base" Internet plus "smart energy demonstration project. Wuhu Huainan Chizhou electric car buffet timeshare rental "Internet plus" smart energy demonstration project, Hefei high tech Zone distributed energy trading "flexible Internet plus wisdom energy demonstration projects such as project 4 was identified as the first national demonstration pilot project.

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, the province will pay close attention to the implementation of the conditions of the project implementation, and strive to approve the project started construction as soon as possible.

only in the national policy support, many SMEs will have a better future, won the attention of countless people. Based on the demonstration project, and actively explore the city energy Internet, smart energy and various industry integration and development, promotion, comprehensive energy efficiency of various energy flexible transactions and other new energy production and consumption system, for the establishment of energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and the Internet closely related new energy industry development model experience.

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