Be careful to make fewer mistakes a of stores

retail business, this is a small business, if the business is still making mistakes, I am afraid it will have a very negative impact on business operations. Therefore, any store business, if you want to make fewer mistakes, you need to be cautious. I believe most retail operators in the business have too much money, the wrong money phenomenon. Whether it is just a shop owner, or doing business for many years the old owners, will be due to various factors and error.

once, a customer to my store to buy a pack of 23 yuan ‘Yuxi’ (soft) smoke, gave me a $50 bill. It is the customer for 27 yuan, I can find a strange combination of circumstances to customers 37 yuan, customers left in retrospect realize how to find. Sell a pack of cigarettes would earn two or three yuan of money, but because of his carelessness lose seven or eight yuan.

afterwards, I lamented that this is just a loss of a few dollars, only to spend money to buy a lesson. As a retailer, if not careful, money money often go wrong, the shop will be difficult to stay in business. From that time, I learn a lesson, every time money change with special care.

The most taboo

retail is inseparable from the mobile phone, so the change is more likely to go wrong. For example: we look at the mobile phone side of the money in the eyes, stared intently at the interesting news or story, and change to the customer side, so it is easy to appear more money or less money phenomenon, a similar phenomenon is also the writer mentioned. But sellers play mobile phone to the customer is also extremely bad impression. A lot of customers to see this obsession with mobile phone owners will have resentment, do not like to shop in this store.

anyway, whether in business or purchase goods should be cautious and are of vital importance in each section, related to the survival and development of the store, and the store profitability. In particular, when the customer accounts receivable, it is not sloppy, to see the customer to the amount of notes.

there are a lot of love to chat with the owner of customer side, while money money, since that would not make mistakes, but the result is opposite. So, in the collection, whether familiar or stranger, have to carey check, identify the authenticity of the cash, in order to avoid losses caused by counterfeiting be negligent and worries!