Good publicity and promotion to improve sales opportunities

since it is open shop business, is to be able to sell more goods, so that more and more sales opportunities, so that the real operation of the store to help. However, in the current fierce competition in the environment, if you want to improve sales opportunities, there is no doubt that you need to do a good job related promotional work, so that the store will really help the operation of great help.

business case: seeing the weather getting colder and colder, the Spring Festival is approaching, the purchasing power of society has increased, the festival market is also constantly warming. The cold Hot pot shop business is booming. High street retail customers Yang Ming found this opportunity, then quickly from the field into a number of electric Hot pot back, ready to earn him a year ago. Also, this commodity retail customers in previous years, sales are very good, because energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution.

but this year’s sales situation is not optimistic, maybe last year people have bought, and do not need this kind of commodity or how, the goods are on the shelf for many days, or did not sell a few. This is a seasonal commodity, the backlog of funds do not say, if the weather is warm, who also use hot pot. For the sale of Hot pot this thing get Yang boss a headache, he now looked at a pile of goods in the warehouse, Choude hair a lot, if not the Hot pot sales, estimated his spring festival all suck.

case analysis: this term should be said that we will not be unfamiliar, but really be able to do retail customers and how much? We can see that some of the big supermarkets are those who are very attractive promotions, sales of goods played a very good role in promoting. From the above example we can see that this is not the Hot pot Yang boss not to sell, but he was not a very good promotion, the meat is buried in the bottom of the bowl ", many consumers do not know he sold this product here, which has lost sales opportunities.

through the promotion, can expand the influence, increase popularity, cause the attention of the customer, popularity has, you are afraid of this commodity no one to buy? We often see some businesses hanging at the door or posting some * * brand has arrived in the brand. Through such a way of publicity, so as to achieve the opportunity to sell goods.

peers have words: for some new products, in addition to publicity and promotion, in addition to the placement of goods is also a learning, eye-catching position is to deepen the impression of consumers, to achieve the key to moving goods sales. Therefore, the new general merchandise to be placed in the store’s prime location, rather than randomly put in which corner, in the daily business, I do so, the effect is obvious. Generally experienced sales businesses will do so. The store is located in the gold position around the cashier, or into the shop to meet the door position, the best display height should be about two meters.