Adjustment of the province’s 3 major colleges and universities set up

in February 20th, the province’s high school education disciplines layout and structure optimization adjustment work conference held, the meeting identified the orientation of 3 undergraduate colleges and universities in our province, and announced the adjustment direction of a number of professional settings.

Qinghai University – a comprehensive university of teaching and research. To this end, the school will speed up the "211" project, innovation ability of higher schools to enhance the comprehensive strength of the Midwest higher education plan, enhance the construction pace, stronger, doing fine, medicine, agriculture, and improve the economics and management disciplines, and foster the development of photovoltaic industry in our province are in urgent need of talent.

Qinghai Normal University – Qinghai applied university. Therefore, the reasonable arrangement of the scale of normal education in the cultivation of good basic education teachers, strengthen teachers’ Continuing Education and the Tibetan and Chinese bilingual teacher training at the same time, strengthen disciplines structure adjustment efforts, to adapt to the development of applied disciplines in our province’s economic and social needs, to 2016 to complete the construction of the new campus built in Qinghai, the application of comprehensive university.

National University of Qinghai — a comprehensive national university. Based on the national characteristics of disciplines to run, to further broaden the professional direction, the national economic and social development to adapt to the needs of science and technology especially in engineering application such as discipline, strengthen the training of ethnic minority talents adaptability. According to the needs of the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone, the initial consideration of the establishment of Central Asia Institute, strengthen exchanges with Central Asian countries.

professional structure adjustment, according to the employment rate of long-term low compression key professional enrollment scale, increase the number of Engineering application-oriented professional enrollment direction, to 2015, 3 undergraduate colleges and universities in our province will be added to the new networking engineering 14 professional, focused on building materials science and engineering, 14 professional, 28 metallurgical engineering etc. a major increase in enrollment, 22 professional international economy and trade and reduce enrollment, sociology and other 12 professional enrollment restrictions, law 24 year professional enrollment, educational technology and other 19 professional to stop enrollment. Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai University of science and engineering and other applied majors accounted for 50% of the total number of professional settings, respectively, 40%, 40%.