Community shops investment to see four

although the community shops is a very good space for the development of investment projects, however, this is not a small sum of money, so if you really want to invest, you need to start from more aspects. Here, small series for the majority of investors are introduced, if you want to invest in community shops, but also need to do a good job of four look.

look at the surrounding commercial outlets: most of the main functions of community shops is to provide daily necessities for the owners of the District, the more scarce the surrounding commercial outlets, the more able to show the value of small shops.

look at the prospects: Shanghai has a lot of residential areas in the new development of the city, the new district shops have an appreciation of the process, that is, from the health shop to shop the process. With the number of residential occupancy and the resident population increased, residential investment value will gradually mature, the higher the shops.

flow: the community shops service to residential fixed customer base, can also be the area outside the city residents, service wide audience, especially the busy street shops, rely on the unique advantages of traffic flow, traffic and traffic, has investors pursued. With the increase in occupancy rates, the outskirts of the market generally have a stable customer base.

developers: developers are good at business shops, the business class has no planning and control is necessary, if developers function distribution and use of the shops do not have very good planning, the risk of investors will increase, so the investment value is also relatively low. The stronger the business philosophy of the residential developers, the more mature the development strategy, the higher the investment value of the community shops.

if you want to invest in community shops, but do not know what to consider in the end, then, the contents of the above described as small as possible. After all, community shops investment is not a trivial matter, we need to be more cautious treatment. In short, if you have the intention of community shops investment, more than four points may be taken seriously.