A woman’s Daily touch the chest body alert health network

hyperplasia of mammary gland hyperplasia of the breast is a monthly breast mass on both sides will appear, their sizes, flake or knot leaflike, patient age >

fiber cyst most notably breast lumps, and most of the time only mass for this feature, they are usually 1-3 cm in size, touch smooth, tough, clear boundary, and the surrounding breast tissue without adhesion, activity is also large, and the sliding motion. In general, the cyst occurs mostly in the breast, but also in the outer edge, they will not come with menstrual changes, especially adolescent female, if you feel that you have fiber cyst, this is a very common phenomenon, you only need to go to the hospital to check and make sure that it is a benign fibrous cyst can, without special treatment.

a, others touch chest what are the benefits

daily "alarm" fiber cyst is one of the most common benign breast tumors, 18-25 years old young women are the most common. In general, fibrous cysts rarely occur malignant lesions, some may develop into sarcoma, but the situation is not seen in the transformation of breast cancer.

3, early detection of breast hyperplasia

we often think of others "touch the chest" is a wretched thing, in fact, this is to be divided into object. If you are properly touched by their loved ones, it is good to touch your chest can also maintain breast. Regular massage on the chest massage helps breast health. Rub your hands 200 times a day. The distance between the thymus and the lower finger of the neck is about four fingers. Hollow fist in the back of the thymus to rub the body can enhance immunity.

The perception of

1, early detection of breast cancer

The characteristics of

painless breast lump that is one of the characteristics of breast cancer, so never let down. In general, inflammation caused by breast lumps will be accompanied by localized swelling expansion, hyperplasia of the mass is characteristic of premenstrual pain, while the size of the breast cancer in the early no obvious pain, do not even feel, only to the late local skin ulceration occurs when the symptoms of pain, but often this time late.

2, early detection of fibrous cysts

breast cancer occurs in 45-70 years old women. Breast cancer is also a manifestation of breast mass, mostly cobblestone shape, round or oval. They are hard as stone, bump surface less smooth, poor activity, prone to skin and adhesion with the surrounding tissue, the mass rapid growth, with unlimited growth and long to large, ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement often. After the discovery of their own breast lumps are irregular, it should be immediately to the hospital for examination, to determine, in general, early treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, if the situation is not optimistic, will take the surgical approach.

so, let love to help you feel, if you can touch the masses that don’t neither painful nor itching, fortunately that is benign cyst, probably this is the first time a small bomb warning breast breast cancer — give you a.