7 the lake will start from here

opening ceremony scene road and audience parking area.



Xining criterium line.


twelfth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race will be held on July 7th from the summer of West Ninghai Lake District of Qinghai, will be fired, along the Gansu and Ningxia provinces began to track ten days of fierce battle. Because of this lake race has made great breakthrough in difficulty, prize money, market operation, at the same time as the capital city for the first time through the provinces and have very far-reaching significance, in this case, the lake race from Xining gun, its more far-reaching significance. In order to further the lake race this platform publicity xiadou Xining and the growing rise of the Lake District, Xining show the rich regional culture, tourism resources, cultural customs and new changes of Xining City, the new image to the outside world, to further improve the summer capital of Xining and the sea lake zone of visibility and influence, the opening ceremony of the municipal government and held the city criterium attached great importance to the tour of Qinghai Lake, the Lake District Management Committee also attaches great importance to the promotion of the Lake District opportunity in roads, logistics, environmental remediation, construction and other aspects of a great range. In order to facilitate the readers to participate in the race around the lake, watching the lake race, to express the enthusiasm of the people around the lake race xiadou, special opening ceremony and Xining newspaper editor stage viewing guide to readers.

traffic control

July 7th Xining criterium, the opening ceremony of the 9:30 to the 14:00 Lake District around the opening scene of road traffic control. Ten minutes before the game on the line traffic control, vehicle bypass bypass. During the period of traffic control, it is strictly forbidden for any unit or individual to drive all kinds of vehicles on the road. Pedestrians and livestock are prohibited from crossing the highway. It is strictly prohibited to graze or obstruct traffic safety and smooth traffic on both sides of the road. Where the vehicle is not allowed on the roads after the public security organs, shall be seized by the public security organs, public security organs to accept treatment, and investigate the relevant leaders and personnel responsibilities. During the period of traffic control, all the citizens should assist the public security organs in the traffic control work, and consciously abide by the traffic control regulations.

Lake Sports Center

is located in the south of Lake Wetland Park, a total investment of 1 billion 416 million yuan, which lasted three and a half years built. It is a comprehensive stadium with complete facilities and complete functions. In accordance with the requirements of the overall planning, divided into a two museums, the main stadium, including a 40 thousand seats in the 7500 seat of the gymnasium, a 1500 seat natatorium and ancillary facilities. After the completion of the project, will be with the Qinghai national plateau;