Huangyuan held a young pioneers competition

For the further study and promote the socialist core values, and the socialist core value system into the education in primary and secondary schools, play the guiding role in school education, the young pioneers in recently, as the theme of the young pioneers lessons competition held in Huangyuan County Bureau of education to cultivate and practice the socialist core values ", from the county schools the head of the moral principals, counselors participated in this activity. Speaking in the competition, each contestant will carefully prepare their content with the form of lively and vivid show to the judges, among them, "to be a good boy," Lei Feng style "practice of socialist core values to become civilized and law-abiding students", "star torch from generation to generation" teaching contents by the judges praise. According to the Huangyuan County Education Bureau responsible person, hold this speaking competition. The purpose is to gradually introduced a number of young pioneers are good at guiding the practice of socialist core values of outstanding counselors, collected a number of outstanding cases, activity class courseware, to better carry out the activities of the young pioneers class, help young pioneers, consciously cultivate in their daily learning practice the socialist core values, to develop good moral character and habits.