Xining automobile passenger transportation center station from 22 onwards

in order to better meet this year’s Spring Festival, is located in the east side of the Xining Railway Station Xining passenger bus center, will be officially put into use on the 22 day of this month.

Xining bus passenger transport station total construction area of 38700 square meters. Among them, the ground floor area of 21965 square meters, underground construction area of 16735 square meters. Design by the Ministry of transport, "passenger car level classification and construction requirements", according to the standard construction of passenger stations.

Xining automobile passenger transportation center underground two floors, the ground floor, the frame structure, roof light steel structure, building height of 19.55 meters (). The ground floor is a passenger drop off area, which is designed to be connected with the underground space of the railway station, which is used to realize the function of public rail transportation, seamless connection and passenger transfer.

currently, related facilities have been installed in place of the passenger station, the relevant class line set has been basically established, ending only after the end of the work, it will be a new attitude, greet all visitors.