Xining Municipal Health Bureau organized the first Xining vocational skills competition and health s

for the further implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, combined with the city’s health system is being carried out to create a national civilized city and "chuangxianzhengyou" theme activities, encourage the majority of cadres and workers of the health system based on their own learning techniques and skills, to become knowledgeable workers, improve the overall health of medical personnel occupation skills and professional level. The afternoon of June 24th, in the third people’s Hospital of Xining City, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau and other departments held a contest of Occupation Skills workers "health system and the first job skills contest", there were 19 teams of 114 players participated in the competition. Provincial and municipal leaders to visit the site. Health Bureau:

the occupation skill contest and the first workers "health system job skills competition activities designed to further improve the medical worker clinical work ability and professional level, to strengthen the city’s medical workers" three three "training, to enhance the ability and quality of medical workers, technical standards to health posts more scientific. The competition content is technical operation of three parts of double CPR, single bed and pre hospital trauma emergency, the contestants each actively play their level, eager for a fight, to show the team spirit, rigorous attitude, skilled operation from time to time to win the praise of the judges. Fierce competition in the field, the final three city hospital contestants won the first prize in the group with excellent results; a city hospital won the group of the city; the city’s two hospital won the group of third. 5 players were awarded Xining city workers Occupation Skills Contest "champion" title; 10 players were awarded the "technology star" title; 15 players were awarded the "technical experts" title; 40 players were awarded the youth skilled positions title; 37 players were awarded the meritorious female workers pacesetter the title.