Xining municipal departments overhaul the addition of street lights lit the ancient city

before the National Day this year, the Xining Municipal Engineering Management Office of the street lamp maintenance management of the main road on both sides of the street lamps, and in some of the new sections of Xining and the addition of street lamps. National Day, more than 60 thousand street lights will illuminate the ancient city of Xining.

September 27th, Liu Yanlong and his colleagues are in the South Street installation of street lights, one by one in the hands of the fragmented assembly, installation, almost an hour to install a street lamp. In order to be completed in October 1st before this period of time, the workers work 11 pm is commonplace. It is understood that, before the national day, in addition to the south side of the street lights, the provincial capital of a seal, Village Road and other places will be added street lights. The original street lamps will be fully overhauled, convenient for people to travel at night.

up to now, the main street in Xining has been replaced by the street lights, the past energy-saving lamps replaced by a better brightness of sodium lamps, some of the new sections and alleys are stepping up construction, the addition of street lamps.