The Qingming Festival is the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau launched service increase sweep l

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, according to the characteristics of the relative concentration of Tomb-sweeping Day masses during the sweep time, set up emergency duty system, and coordinate the bus company, the sweep line in April 3rd increased to 5, convenient mass grave.

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of funeral service units will be in a prominent position in the main section of the cemetery set up an advisory office, free drinking water stations, to provide convenient umbrella, buckets, shovels, trees, first-aid kits and other items as masses; for parking, the coordination bus company increased the sweep line, enhance the level of the funeral service. The Yining cemetery opened in April 3rd 4, sweep the bus, and 5 days in Antelope road and cemetery entrance with a parking lot, back and forth from the masses sweep the passengers per person charge two dollars. Lantau Peak cemetery grave Hill vehicle in order to alleviate the congestion phenomenon, in the building materials in Xining city (Xining City, Lane eleven in the opposite), the Martyrs Cemetery across the establishment, the public can drive to the cemetery permits for vehicles pass through to Lantau Peak, Nanshan Park Cemetery sweep.