Xining city transportation company limited the 21 bus line 15 at the same time the implementation o

October 12th, Ms. Yang Xining people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 asked, "west Metropolis Daily" published in October 10th "provincial bus 15 from the date of implementation of" winter "" one article, did not mention the 80 Road, 82 Road, 101 road and other routes, the route is also the implementation of the "winter time". Xining City Transportation Company Limited answer, according to the variation of winter seasonal characteristics and passenger travel, from October 15th onwards, Xining City Transportation Company Limited is the 17 city bus lines and 4 bus lines in rural areas, will also implement the winter operating hours, please pay attention to the public or consult the Xining city transportation company Limited bus service hotline 8828699.

at present, a total of Xining City, the city bus line 67, among them, 1 road, 2 Road, 46 bus lines by the Xining city public transport limited liability company responsible for the operation, 80 Road, 82 Road, 17 bus lines by the Xining municipal transportation company responsible for the operation of 4 rapid transit by Xining city traffic construction investment limited company subordinate bus company responsible for the operation. Therefore, in the adjustment of the operating time, the bus companies according to the operation of the line, decided to "winter" execution time, for the convenience of people traveling, Xining City Transportation Company Limited is the 17 city bus lines and 4 bus lines in rural areas will also be holding in October 15th for "winter time".

according to the Xining Municipal Transportation Company Limited on the operating time of the winter, 101 Road, 103 Road, the first departure time will be delayed by 10 minutes, 10 minutes ahead of the last 81 road vehicles, 85 Road, 101 Road, 103 Road, 104 Road, 109 road will last 20 minutes ahead of time to close the car, 80 Road, 82 road 83 Road, 84 Road, 86 Road, 87 Road, 102 Road, 105 Road, 106 Road, 107 Road, 108 Road, 201 Road, Bao Zhai wave line, line, line ZHUJIAZHUANG operation time constant.

in addition, due to the rapid bus 301 Road, 302 Road, 303 Road, 304 road for this year’s opening of the new route is formulated according to the operation condition of winter running schedule in mid October when the games started". (author: Liu Peng)