Since September 1st vocational school students can do the bus C card

has been highly concerned about the vocational school students to enjoy the city’s public transport student IC card problem has finally been resolved, the City Transportation Bureau decided from September 1st onwards, the city’s vocational school students to apply for the bus IC card.

vocational school students can not enjoy the city bus IC card, has been the focus of the CPPCC members. The five meeting of the twelve session of the CPPCC held at the beginning of the Revolutionary Committee of Xining Municipal Committee, Xining municipal NLD, put forward "on the settlement of vocational school students to buy the city bus IC card student proposal, this proposal was listed as the focus of the proposal. June 1st, the city CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing on the proposal to the city traffic bureau.

after full investigation and multi-party consultation, the City Transportation Bureau believes that the nature of vocational high school in the city with the same nature of ordinary high school, and vocational school students in poor families, subsistence families and single parent families. For public welfare reflected the city bus, the construction of a harmonious Xining, the city bus company decided to overcome funding constraints, the occupation of the city’s 8 high school students take the bus into the city and the range of concessions, decided to start from September 1st for the student bus IC card for the city’s approximately 22000 students in Vocational schools.