Xining public selection of cadres yesterday 6 people competing in the written examination of the dep

in order to further deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, and promote outstanding talent to stand out, the city decided to open the city within the scope of the selection of 6 deputy county leading cadres. In August 26th, the public selection of deputy county leading cadres in Xining fifth day written test, a total of 252 people participated in the exam, 18 people absent. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Liu Fade, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee and other leaders visited the examination room, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the city people’s Congress, deputy director of the Municipal People’s congress.
278 nominees

at the beginning of August, the "Xining city public selection of deputy county leading cadres notice" issued by the Xining evening news and other media, has aroused widespread concern in society, the municipal authorities, the county, municipal enterprises and institutions cadres to attend the public, to August 14th, a total of 278 people through the qualification examination, registration, the registration conditions of the there are 270 people, accounting for 97.12% of the total number of applicants, the average age of 40 years.

average competitive ratio 1:45

the public in our city a total of 6 jobs, they are: Deputy Director of the Party History Research Center, 1 city Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee Director of the office of 1, City Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the 1 cultural market comprehensive law enforcement inspectors Battalion 1, deputy director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, 1 deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics 1. Each position has been more than 1:8 of the proportion of applicants, the formation of competition, the highest proportion of competition is the spiritual civilization construction of the director of the office of the steering committee, the proportion of 1:78. The average competitive ratio of the 6 positions is 1:45.

the examination has a total of 12 examination room. During the examination, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the City Security Bureau sent the whole process of supervision, written examination scores, scoring, registration, summary and other work is carried out in a fully closed state. After marking, through the newspaper and Xining television announced the list and enter the interview staff scores.

pay more attention to "preferred"

it is understood that this year, the city pay more attention to the optimization, focusing on the selection of the overall quality of the object and the ability to perform their duties. In the open selection of the deputy county leading cadres work, I added a new experience, performance evaluation, through written examination, interview, test for cadres in addition to theoretical knowledge knowledge, will also examine the candidate object experience and performance, the real talents comprehensive quality excellent selection to leadership positions. (author: small words)