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breast pain? Period of seizures of breast pain can be light weight, it has many characteristics? Seizures, especially before menstruation will increase; breast can reach multiple, nodular masses, softer, more ductile, mass can be seen in unilateral breast, but also can be used on both sides of the breast there are, sometimes there will be the phenomenon of nipple discharge.

There is a rash on the breast of a

breast that is sometimes shown on a baby’s breast

if the woman breast happened: the breast above a palpable mass, feel pain, breast pain before menstruation? Period of seizures, "orange peel" change and so on your breast is "disease".

feel pain every time before menstruation before the onset of menstruation for 1 to 2 weeks will appear breast pain, even like a bra such slight friction unbearable, perhaps accompanied by headache, fatigue, nervousness, insomnia, constipation and a series of symptoms, menstrual pain until after the arrival of the expansion will gradually disappear……

although it is a benign disease of breast, but also may have cancer! So the detection and diagnosis should be timely surgery, such basic operation can be completed in under local anesthesia, postoperative swelling and don’t forget the routine submission for pathological examination.

God created beautiful breasts for women, they should cherish and cherish them, they are not only your proud capital, but also a necessary condition for your health.

if a palpable mass in the breast to the top of the outer top of the breast to touch a mass (about four points in the three cases for a single mass), tough texture, smooth surface, clear boundary, no adhesion with the surrounding tissue, it is easy to be promoted at the same time, tumor growth is very slow, no other feeling. Suffering from breast fibroadenoma of female general age slants small, mostly between 20 to 25 years old, so the medical profession that the incidence of estrogen related activity.

breast cystic hyperplasia disease called chronic cystic breast disease, benign hyperplasia of breast stroma, but also a higher incidence of the disease is most common in 25 to 40 years old women, the majority of patients after the onset of a few months to 2 years can be relieved, but? In a few patients may become cancerous, so every two to 3 months to find a doctor? Diagnosis, dynamic monitoring of the condition, if you can learn to be better breast self-examination.

breast is the most beautiful sex organs in women, and the breast is the most vulnerable to the woman’s injury.

before and after the menstrual hormones in women will change, but can cause breast pain symptoms, may occur in water retention, edema, premenstrual acne, emotional irritability, depression and other conditions, of course, breast tenderness is the most unbearable, but through the professional examination you will find there is no abnormal breast and what this situation, as long as through diet and spirit nursed back to health, vitamin B6 supplements may alleviate the most.