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, director of the national health service, said that Taiwan is equivalent to 28 women diagnosed with breast cancer every day, and the loss of precious lives of 5 women with breast cancer. In fact, early detection and early treatment of breast cancer can be screened, according to statistics, the screening of breast cancer cases detected by up to 83%, the survival rate of more than 5 years into more than 9! Calls for women not to wait for screening, asymptomatic screening is the most important, early screening, early health!"

Taiwan women’s breast cancer is the number one public enemy

it is worth noting that the domestic women’s breast cancer incidence age peak is 45 to 69 years old, had a median age of 53 years, compared to the United States at the age of 61, and has a low phenomenon, but in recent years did not have the age continue to decline situation. Therefore, the national health service for the peak incidence of 45 to 69 years of age every 2 years to provide 1 X mammography. Considering the effect of family history of breast cancer should not be underestimated, especially will be 40 to 44 years old who had breast cancer and two blood in women included in the scope of subsidies, in order to advance women friends and anti-cancer, reduce breast cancer threats to life.

women about breast cancer discoloration! Because breast cancer is the first leading cancer incidence of women, the peak occurred between about 45 to 69 years old, about 100 thousand women with 178 to 188 people, there are more than 10000 women suffering from breast cancer, nearly 2000 women die of breast cancer each year. However, the National Health Service said that women in Taiwan over the past 2 years, the ratio of breast X light photography examination was only about 3 into the number of representatives of many women are still lack of risk awareness, missed the opportunity to early detection of 8!

breast cancer screening tool, "breast X light screening", can effectively detect and improve the prognosis of breast cancer screening methods, can detect breast calcifications or small tumors, found asymptomatic 0 breast cancer. WHO also pointed out that through the breast X light photography can reduce breast cancer mortality rate of 2 to 3.

Qiu Shu? Director, China in 103 years nearly 800 thousand women who underwent breast X – ray examination, more than 3 thousand breast cancer cases were found, 180 women had 1 had breast cancer but he does not know, through screening to find out, the ratio is quite high!

but, worryingly, Taiwan women in the past 2 years have received breast X imaging light ratio of only about 3 to 8, representing many women still lack of risk awareness, or of breast X screening is also a lack of sufficient light photography? Miss the chance to find early solution. Remind all women friends, before the Chinese new year to arrange their own health clean-up, to help arrange their own breast X light photography to ensure safety!

breast photography high efficiency, find early breast cancer