Evening picking Festival today waiting for you to come

How long have you been having fun with your kids all day? Are you sorry for that? Let’s take the evening festival! Turn off the computer, put down the work, take your baby to give him (her) a memorable 61!

– bus: take bus line five first Xining Zhuang, jade village to get off, walk 30 meters to the.

– car route: along the road straight into the Qaidam highway 103 (also from the high-speed Beijing Tibet to Xigang high-speed toll station, to cut Qaidam Road) five village that is 6.9 kilometers to the direction of travel.

– provide Rest Area picking garden, visitors can enjoy the cuisine comes in Rest Area, also can be in the vicinity of the park picking tea meal.

– Vegetable & Fruit picking price: 6 yuan / kg, Ledu chili oil gourd 6 yuan / kg, 6 yuan / kg, eggplant eggplant 5 yuan / kg, colorful pepper 8 yuan / kg, 3 yuan / kg, Caigua cucumber 4 yuan / kg, muskmelon 10 yuan / kg, 12 yuan / horn honey Jin, 12 yuan / Jin honeypot. If the need for fine packaging, each additional 15 yuan.

– picking hotline: 0971-226667213909712552.