Won the eighth place match city criterium National Road Cycling champion Dong Xiaoyong

in April 7th, the 2016 National Road Cycling champion Wenzhou just after the end of the season (the first station) Man City criterium, Qinghai tianyoude team Dong Xiaoyong won eighth place.

There are 94 athletes from 22 national team

game of the day (male 51, female 43) in the start of the game, in the rain Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. players, after fighting 90 kilometers of rain, finally to a large group of sprint ended the day of the game. Dong Xiaoyong is Qinghai tianyoude team the bright younger generation Lake Race, after several trials, has grown into a leader in road cycling, all competitions before this, often gains success. This can be gathered in the masters Championship eighth, once again confirms his superior personal strength.