Xining provident fund policy adjustment efforts and Pratt & Whitney face up to the history of the mo

In order to further improve the housing provident fund services, let the people enjoy more inclusive policy, recently, Xining housing fund management center on the city’s housing provident fund once again conducted a substantial adjustment, adjustment policies and inclusive of large to achieve the history most.

A: parents and children are provided to adjust the open fund

two adjustment: Provident Fund to pay maintenance fund release

before buying a new house to pay a large sum of facilities and maintenance fund, property buyers all have to live in a new house, the provident fund can be used to pay maintenance fund housing ancillary costs now, save a lot of occupancy costs.Interpretation of

before the housing fund can only be limited to the repayment of the housing provident fund loans, now the policy is relaxed, payment of housing provident fund of Xining residents can also purchase loans in other parts of the housing.Interpretation of