People’s livelihood warm people Minyou ten relief policy to send public benefits

October 24th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the spirit of "people-oriented, governing for the people" the purpose of this year to take ten measures to concentrate for the benefit of people’s livelihood, warm people, people worry about the good practical solution, a strong impetus to the improvement of people’s livelihood, promote social harmony.

it is reported that the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau timely and full payment of low premiums, at the end of September this year, 64 thousand and 600 city residents object issued the city guaranteeing payment of 129 million 388 thousand and 400 yuan, for rural residents object 92 thousand issued the first half of the low premium 70 million 500 thousand yuan. And in the 2013 before the Spring Festival is 16.8 subsistence allowances and rural beneficiaries and before the founding of the old Party issued the Spring Festival of 41 million 500 thousand yuan living allowance. In the payment of living allowance of poor people, in January 1, 2013 sixth to raise the standard of urban and rural residents, the city minimum living standard by 313 yuan / month to 333 yuan / month, the rural minimum living standard by 1865 yuan / year increased to 1985 yuan / year.

at the same time, and constantly improve the medical rescue mechanism of City Civil Affairs Bureau, increase medical relief efforts and five support efforts, the annual payment of five guarantees gold 12 million 930 thousand yuan. Also continue to implement the poor college students aid. And the implementation of minimal assurance family heating assistance for 30214 urban subsistence allowances issued heating aid funds of $14 million 20 thousand, to ensure that the family heating on schedule. Actively carry out temporary relief, and three payment of price subsidies, effectively ensuring the basic needs of the family to help the family, for the public to bring tangible benefits. (author: Zhang Qian)