High level sports events chase

June 23rd morning, the fresh air after the rain is Kite ditch, with a gunshot, hundreds of bike enthusiasts armed to start, Xining City seventh games mountain bike cross-country challenge brilliant start…… Even Japan, mountain bike challenge, 2013 China · Xining City seventh games; Datong of Qinghai plateau international climbing classic sports competitions have been started in Datong County, ecological park, summer summer passion ignited in advance.

in recent years, Datong County to create a culture of sports brand, and actively organize various sports events, has held the city events foot race, kite kite ditch ditch Snow Festival, old hill – North Wudang boxing championship and other large province of plateau. This year, the level of competition strength upgrade, the first international tournament in the 2013 China · Datong of Qinghai plateau international climbing classic will be held in the County Stadium from June 29th to 30, Xining City seventh games will be held on August at the grand opening of the county.

it is understood that the Datong County has a deep foundation of mass sports, in recent years, the county sports infrastructure gradually improved, the county built a total of 12 farmers fitness square, farmers basketball field reached more than and 100, the construction of the Kangle hills outdoor kite ditch leisure and entertainment, catering, fitness as one of the training base, Kangle hills ski kite ditch. A series of high level events in enriching the cultural life of the masses at the same time, promote ecological culture resources in Datong rich, to show the new features of the county’s 27 national unity, and constantly improve the Datong visibility and reputation, promote tourism development of cultural and sports undertakings entered a new stage. (author: Shen Lianghua)