Chase fifth azalea festival held in the scenic river

June 15th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the fifth azalea festival tourism activities in the "plateau of Zhangjiajie," said the Chase National Forest Park River scenic area held a grand. On the same day, the national Forest Park scenic area of the National Scenic River 3A simultaneously opened.

it is understood that the 79 km from the provincial capital of Xining, the scenic area of Xining is the most recent, unique natural ecological tourist attractions. The narrow valley in the stone forest, waterfalls, glaciers, round Berlin, Rhododendron forest constitutes a unique natural landscape and forest landscape, the park landscape is the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, and the features of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, rugged and steep majestic. During the 15 to 17 days of the festival activities, the county forestry bureau, the Tourism Bureau for tourists to prepare a local folk literature and art programs, and organized the warriors carried out on foot through the scenic activities of the 100. Visitors can enjoy the unique plateau wild Rhododendron, enjoy the plateau landscape scenery, experience the original ecology of natural beauty, rich tourist activities during the event also held a push stick, pull the waist, folk traditional game playing shuttlecock, archery etc.. (author: Su Jianping)