Flood prevention work should adhere to the front

June 4th, Municipal Standing Committee, the Secretary General Zhang Yonghai and deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Liu De in-depth contact point area of Huangzhong County, on-site supervision and inspection of the flood warning facilities, county water authority of Shengli reservoir safe operation and Zhen Zhen Jiao Chang River sand DOPA remediation situation, in full recognition of flood control measures in Huangzhong county at the same time, put forward clear requirements will make the next step.

flood control work, relying on the implementation of the law, two rely on scientific and technological support, relying on the implementation of the responsibility of the three, it is necessary to combine the organic combination of the three, adhere to the banner forward, prevention oriented, solid flood prevention work in the county. To further clarify the responsibility to play, to ensure that the ideological awareness. The flood is one of the most important work, enhance the sense of responsibility and risk awareness, strictly implement the responsibility system for flood control, the responsibility to people, to carry out flood control; strict discipline, strengthen the duty system, to ensure the smooth flow of information. To strengthen the investigation and remediation of key areas, to ensure the implementation of measures in place. Increase the river, gully, reservoir, villages, houses and other dangerous sections and weak links of the hazard investigation efforts, on the investigation of the problem in accordance with the order of priority, to formulate a scientific and orderly implementation of the rectification measures. In particular, similar to the situation in the field of the town of DOPA River, to work hard to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud as soon as possible. To implement early warning mechanism to ensure safety in place. Pay more attention to disaster monitoring and early warning, strengthen monitoring of the accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness; improve flood emergency plan, strengthen combat drills to improve emergency response capabilities; to make personnel, funds, materials preparation, firmly grasp the initiative, the whole county flood protection work no danger of anything going wrong. (correspondent)