Province started in 2016 road transport safety year activities

Recently, the Provincial Department of transportation, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau jointly held a teleconference, in 2016 the province’s road transport safety year mobilization activities. The requirements of the relevant units to firmly establish the safety awareness of the red line, to effectively solve the outstanding problems of road passenger transport, road danger goods transportation safety work and weak links, improve road transport safety production comprehensive management ability and safety level of development, to promote the province’s road transportation safety situation remained stable.According to the

conference, in the "road transport safety year" activities, the province will strengthen passenger transport pilot safety training and education, especially many illegal acts exist in the public security departments informed the driver and found the dynamic monitoring platform, to the work of safety training. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of passenger and cargo distribution centers, tourist attractions and other key areas, according to the law did not obtain permission from the Department of investigation or licensing matters such as illegal operations. Continue to carry out the safety belt – life zone special activities to further enhance the awareness of the passengers to wear seat belts.

  at the same time, the transport sector will be the same with the public security, tourism authorities, according to the law to crack down on the legal charter without a license, the scope of the operation of the passenger charter. Strengthen the supervision of rural passenger transport, passenger transport lines do not meet the requirements of the safety conditions of the audit rules immediately adjusted to eliminate security risks. Promote the transport of dangerous goods using electronic waybill before the end of October, and strive to promote the road transportation of dangerous chemicals industry in the province of electronic waybill ", effectively ensure the safe transportation of dangerous chemicals. To further strengthen the application of dynamic monitoring system, so that the vehicle moving, the whole process of monitoring; vehicle non-stop, constantly monitoring".